Sunday 31 May 2009


As you know I have been around a bit in europe over the last couple of months. Last time I was in Hamburg I went to see my new agent Model Team, Hamburg and some of their clients.

Even though I grew up only a few hours away from Hamburg I have never been before and I must say that that was a mistake. I now put Hamburg as one of my new favorite cities. It could have something to do with I arrived with perfect timing of the arrival of summer but I honestly think that even during the coldest winter day or the rainiest autumn afternoon I would appreciate Hamburg for it's history, architecture and just plain great fun.

I also realized that there are two thing the germans do better than most. Bread and beer. Unfortunately bread and beer isn't a fitness junkies best friend so moderation is the key. I guess it is lucky that I am not staying in europe for too long:)

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Saturday 30 May 2009

Fly fishing...

I count myself as a pretty competitive person. In most cases I think this is a good trait. The only bad thing is that when I loose or somehow get beaten I tend to sulk. But then again, I do have a couple of things I enjoy doing where I am happy even though I am not winning. I mentioned a few month ago that I have taken up surfing which is one of those activities. The problem is, I am in sweden where there basically are no surf and spring equals freezing cold water.

Flyfishing... that is another thing I really enjoy. To be out in the woods for hours even days. Sure, I love to catch a big fish but still this is one of those things I can spend the whole day doing and walk home empty handed and feel okay with it.

Yesterday I went to the local put and take lakes in Olofström. Camille joined me for a whole day of practizing casting and attempt to catch a trout or two. The day started grey, some rain and rather windy. Some sandwiches and coffee later the weather changed for what you se on the pitcure. An awesome day... so even though we walked home empty I felt satisfied. 

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Thursday 21 May 2009

Do you believe in fairies?

Once upon a time...?? Just kidding. Today is a holiday in sweden. To be honest I do not know why there is a holiday but hey... who complains about a day off?

During my last visit in Hamburg I decided to buy a nice bottle to drink on special occasions. Today i such an occasion and I have just tried a new brand of my favorite drink, Absinthe. It all started during my french class during high school when we had an assignment about french culture and of course I wrote about the food and wine. I also found another drink I never heard about before. You guess it, Absinthe!

Absinthe has a worse reputation than any other alcoholic beverage in the world. It has been said that you will meet the green fairy if you drink it. It was very popular under the early 1900. It has been told that any famous writers, poets and artists drank a lot of this particular potion to get creative visions. When the world later entered a rough time with an rapid increase in crime, Absinthe got the blame. One of the herb which was used during the manufacturing of absinthe is called worm-wood which is know to contain a neuro-toxin called Thujone. That fact that people during this era drank huge amounts of alcohol was by-passed. Absinthe was made illegal in many countries but got re-introduced a few decades later.

So is Absinthe that bad for you? Of course it is... it is alcohol and contain 7 empty calories per gram alcohol plus the sugar that is added but the stories about thujone are very exaggerated. Modern studies have shown that the amounts thujone found in todays absinthe won't make you see any green fairies. And if you do... you can't be sane:) Check this link for more information.

My choice this time was a german Absinthe called Tabu Absinth-classic strong. It has 73% alcohol so it should be mixed with 3-5 parts water. Many of todays absinthe got tons of added colors, flavors and sugar. Tabu-classic strong is made naturally with no added sugar which makes it one of the best once I have tried.

I also think it is important to spend some time preparing the drink properly. Sure, there is several different cocktails witch is based on Absinthe but in my opinion the best way to enjoy absinthe is mixed with water and possibly burn a cube of sugar to bring out more flavor.

Now, being a personal trainer and all I would not go as far as recommending any of you to drink alcohol but if you are going to have a glass or two, make sure to make it worth while and choose something great. In my opinion Tabu-Absinthe classic strong is a good choice. It gets 4 fairies of 5 possible:)

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Wednesday 20 May 2009

More of Michael Sosinski

I have finally got some more images from my shoot with Michael Sosinski. Here is a couple more. I am happy with the shoot, especially as we only had a couple of hours in Malmö. We have spoken about doing another shoot in june where we will plan the shoot a bit better and involve some more people. I really enjoyed working with Michael so to get another day of shooting with him is something I would greatly appreciate.

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Monday 11 May 2009

Size does NOT matter

I have always been a bit of an outdoors-kind-of-person. Growing up near the coast, fishing was always one of my hobbies. So being home for a bit of a holiday naturally means that I have spent a few days on the sea trying to catch one of the big ones.

The other day I decided to take Camille out for her first day of pike fishing. Pike is a barracuda looking predator which has a firm, tasty flesh that makes it ideal for healthy and delicious meals. Pike can grow up to 30 kilos even though my record is much more modest at 4.5 kilos. I live on the fact that a smaller fish tastes better. (hmm that sound good, i stick to that story)

So this day we went out to try our luck. About 30 minute into our day, Camille not only caught the biggest fish of the day,  but it was her first pike AND it broke my record by 500g. This was a 5 kilo pike.

Now, I wasn't really supposed to show this last images, but what the heck, at least I did not come home empty handed... and as I said before, smaller fish taste better.

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Saturday 2 May 2009

10 Years Younger In 10 Days

As you know I have been working on a TV show for channel 7 over the last few months. Finally 10 years younger in 10 days has had it's premiere. Tune in to watch the next episode on Australian Channel 7 on tuesdays at 8.30pm.

To find out more about the show and the fantastic team behind it watch 10 years younger in 10 days website.

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