Friday 20 February 2009

GQ Australia Feb/March 2009

Just grabbed the new issue of GQ magazine just to realize that photographer James Demitri once again has done a terrific job. On page 65 you can see my new editorial.

The shoot was a lot of fun and the single images does not show the amount of work that went in behind it. Great Magazine, great people to work with and a great day all together. Check out James webpage at

for more wicked images and the opportunity to purchase his new book, James Demitri - Portfolio. (Yes, I had the pleasure to squeeze myself into that one as well)


Monday 9 February 2009

Swedish Cheese Cake

Today Sascha came over for morning tea. Both of us are currently trying to be healthy so cakes and biscuits wasn't really on the menu. I decided to bake a swedish cheesecake. This is a receipt that I have recommended a lot of my clients as it is a perfect snack to make over the weekend for the following week.

The trick with the cheesecake is to put some effort in to the preparations of the mixture as this decides if you are going to get a nice fluffy cake... or a dense pancake kind of snack. So read the instructions and try to stick to them as much as possible.

Swedish Peach Cheesecake 4 Portions
(Per serving: 247 Cal, 10g Fat (2.5 Saturated), 15g Carbs, 25g Protein)

400g Low Fat Cottage Cheese
2 Eggs
75 ml Non Fat Milk
100 ml Raw Almond Kernels
2 Tbsp Splenda
2 Tbsp Wheat Flour
1 Pinch Xanhtan gum
4 Half Peaches in Juice
(Almond essence and Cinnamon)

Margarine and Breadcrumbs for lining the tin.

Put the owen on 225 degrees.

Use an almond grinder to grind the almonds to a flour then mix together with the rest of the dry ingredients. Mix well before grinding the mixture once more to get a smoother mixture. Put to the side. Put the cottage cheese, milk, egg yolks and (almond essence) in a blender and mix until smooth.

Rub the inside of the tin used (1 large or 4 small) with margarine. Then cover the sides in breadcrumbs before gently shake the excess off. Beat the egg whites until stiff.

Start by mixing the dry flour mixture with the cottage cheese mixture. Blend well before gentle fold down the beaten egg whites. Spoon a thin layer of mixture into the tin(s) then place a half a peach on top. Cover the peaches with the rest of the mixture and sprinkle some cinnamon on top.

Put into the middle of the owen for about 30 min for small shapes and 60 min for a large one. If the cake gets enough color cover with tin foil and continue bake until done. The aim is to get the peach to hover in the mixture. This way you keep at the moisture of from the peaches.

Once done, take the cake out and let cool before removing the tin. If you trying to remove the tin right away the cake will collapse. Sprinkle some splenda on top. Serve lukewarm.

Tip: Make sure to use Splenda or any other sucralose sweetener as Aspartame (Equal) breaks down during prolonged heat and taste bitter.

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Saturday 7 February 2009

SPFX - Finished Product

A while ago I posted a blog about a job I did including special effects and make up. I have just received a touched up version of some of the images. I must once again give credit to David Willis who is the brain behind making this happen together with Pedro Virgil as a photographer.

Please check both of their webpages out for more amazing projects. Jobs like this you very rarely get the chance to participate in. There is also a video component in post production so there is more to look forward.

Enjoy the images as don't forget to have a look at David Willis page: and Pedro Virgil homepage at

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Monday 2 February 2009

Surfing Progress - New Zealand

I have been trying to learn to surf for about 3 weeks. I must say that I do love my new found sport. Even though I wouldn’t count surfing as exercise I find it a great way to stay active, have fun and at the same time burn a few extra calories. I think having a broad sporting background have helped me pick it up rather quick and I have succeeded to catch a few nice waves.

As I had to go over to New Zealand for work I decided to bring my board over. Most people do not realize that you get another 5-10 kg of extra baggage allowance for sporting gear so it was no trouble. After my first couple of weeks of practice amongst many other surfers on Bondi beach I was thrilled to find that a lot of New Zealand beaches got plenty of space and as you can see on the photos you often keep a wave to yourself.

After my meetings I spent my weekend on a road-trip over the north island of New Zealand together with Camille. I succeeded to squeeze in three different beaches. Famous Raglan beach west of Hamilton where I used to live and the Pakiri Beach and Mount Manganui on the east coast. In true road-trip spirit we decided to take a chance and drive over to a beach which neither of us had been to before. We guessed the beach might have some surf. This is how we ended up in Pakiri beach. The photos you see are all taken at this beach. Sometimes you are better off not plan too much, especially on holidays.

In one moment of confidence I tried the board that I had my very first encounter with the surf on. Last time I tried my efforts more or less looked like a washing machine and even though I had great fun spending more time under the water than on top it was not very succeesfull. This time around I supprised myself to actually being able to catch a few waves on the board even if the board was only 6’2 and only the tip of the board was above water as I paddled for the waves. 

Another step in the right direction. I did not get the chance to capture this moment on film but I hope it wasn't all beginners luck so I can repeat it once more.  I still got a free lesson at Let’s go Surfing in North Bondi as this came with the board I purschased. I will try to book that in the next  few weeks and I will return with an update.

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