Monday 21 July 2014

You are what you eat? In that case the are way too many chickens around!

If you ask most serious gym goers what they had for lunch or dinner all too often you hear chicken, brown rice and broccoli. I am not saying that it is anything wrong with this meal however I have never understood the fascination with either chicken, brown rice or broccoli. Sure I eat all of them but rarely together and even more seldom multiple meal in a row.

I am not sure if this is due to the fact that many people struggle with cooking itself or if it's purely miseducation that these food are the ONLY once to eat if you want to reach your goals. Ask any nutritionist and you will find out that the bigger variety of food you eat the more likely you are to receive all the nutrients your body need. After all, your body needs more than just protein, carbs and fat.

My personal goal is to not eat the same meat or fish more than once or twice in a week. Chicken is fine, but so is beef, pork, fish, prawns, squid, quail, venison or goat.

I am shortly about to add another recipe to my collection which I made the other week. I deboned and stuffed a goats leg which not only turned out nutritious but also delicious.


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