Saturday, 24 April 2010

A reason to start writing again...

I have been pretty bad at updating my blog and my website lately. I guess there isn't a "excuse" but I just did not feel like updating. Things have been pretty full on over the last few months. Personal training has been pretty good and I think I had succeeded to take my clients one step closer to their goals. It is hard to change your lifestyle but once you get there you realize that it is worth it.

My own training has been a bit of a struggle. I guess I get a bit lazy sometimes but if you want to maintain a lean, muscular physique 365 days a year you cannot afford being lazy. Tenacity is the key. When the football season finished I lost track a bit and I didn't enjoy spending all my time in the gym. Over the last few months I have done a bit of everything running, weights sessions, power training, some boxing and now I have finally started to enjoy the fitness lifestyle once more. I am trying to cook more healthy food and follow a set program for training.

Another thing that has taken quite some time is training Loki our 9 month old amstaff. Accordingly to our dog behaviorist Liarne Henry at a dogs life he entered his teenage stage. Boisterous, arrogant and with more attitude than he can back up made his training a huge challenge. He is doing pretty well I assume and in a weeks time he will get company from his "little sister" Hua, a 8 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback. Why make things easy, when you can make it hard. :)

The reason I decided to write another entry was that I a couple of weeks ago did a shoot for Sporte Leisure. The crew was great and even though it was a long day time passed quickly. The photographer Warwick Gibson from Big Fish did an amazing job. Yesterday I got this image forwarded to me. It is a shoot of their rain proof jackets. Not bad right?