Wednesday 28 January 2009

NOVA Models

As you might have noticed I have taken a few days off writing my blog. I have had a few full on weeks with work I decided to combine a meeting with a long weekend to meet up with my girlfriend Camille. I think that every country has it highlights and when it comes to New Zealand that has to be the nature and the relaxed attitude.

I departed from sydney on thursday night just to get in to Auckland airport just before midnight. I had booked a room at Sky City Grand Hotel in Auckland and arrived there close to 1 am. As I arrived to my room I realized that I by mistake had been given a smoking room. I always make sure to get a non smoking room as I can’t stand the unhealthy smell of stale cigarettes.I called the reception and the problem was that the hotel was fully booked as the Louis Vuitton yacht race was on the same weekend as well as the celebration of the chinese new year. For a brief second I feared that I would have to stand the awful smell but the hotel was very quick and within minutes I got the keys to the upgraded suite. Thank you very much! 

On friday morning it was time to do some work. I went in to see Caroline Barley, Director of Nova Models in Auckland. I had been recommended to see Caroline by my booker Martin De Courtney and I am happy for that recommendation. I got a warm welcome and just as Chadwick Models in Sydney it was a relaxed feel at the agency. After our first meeting I left my portfolio for them to scan my photos and I was ready to get a couple of days of holiday. 

I now have Nova Models as my agency in New Zealand. I am excited to see what the future got in storage for me in New Zealand.


Saturday 17 January 2009

Saturday Night Dinner

Tonight I have decided to stay at home really feel for something different for dinner. I went down to the supermarket and found a great piece of organic eye fillet. I decided that red wine was a must for a steak like that. Here is a dinner which despite the one glass of red wine stay under 500 calories. Awesome!

Portobello Stack with Grilled Eye Fillet and Red Wine Juice - 2 portions
(459Cal, 15g fat, 12g Carbs, 39g Protein, (16g Alcohol/112Cal))

4 large Portobello mushrooms
1 Red Capsicum
12 slices of Coppa (Prosciutto if you can't find it)
1 Tbsp Olive oil (Porcini infused if possible)
6 large leafs Rocket
300g Eye Fillet
2-4 Garlic Cloves
6-8 Schalotts
300 ml Red Wine (+150ml to drink)

Start with cleaning the mushrooms and vegetables. Brush them with the oil and grill in the owen on 225 degrees until baked throughout (15-20 min). Heat up a grill-pan. Spray the meat lightly with olive oil spray then salt and pepper. Grill the meat on high heat. Make sure not to over cook the steak. Put the steak to rest wrapped in tin foil.

Rinse out the pan with the red wine and let the alcohol evaporate. Reduce to half volume and put to the side. Place the rocket leafs on the plate as a base then layer the portobello mushrooms with the coppa and grilled red capsicum. Place the schalotts and garlic cloves together with the steak on the side.

Before serving pour a couple of table spoons of the red wine juice over the meat. Enjoy with a glass of nice red wine.

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Sunday 11 January 2009

A surfing Swede???

I have a slight tendency to get "addicted" to physical activities so when I borrowed my friends surfboard a few days ago I had a voice in the back of my head telling me that this could be something I liked.

I have always felt bad for not giving surfing a proper go.  I have lived in New Zealand for 3 years and in Sydney for almost 5 years. I went once in New Zealand during heavy swell on a 6' board. 

I know the reason I never did that well had to do with the board and the conditions. At 95kg and 6'2 tall I spent the next 15 minutes trying to get out of the waves. Good fun, but not a success story. You can see the photo of me getting out of the surf in my image gallery under sport and adventure. The smile you see is not "yes i did it" more a "I am alive and on solid ground".

Now you might think, does this guy never learn? When it comes to sport... NO I don't and that is what makes it so much fun. 

After playing around in Bondi on my friends 7' board I was hooked. I only had about 30 minutes in the water but the following day I went and purchased my first board, a 7' soft board that will be my entertainment for the summer.

I was hoping to get some images and videos up on the blog over the next few weeks to show my progression as a surfer. Today was my first go with my own board and I succeeded to catch a few quite nice waves so I am thrilled to see where I will be in a few weeks.

I will keep you posted. Exercise should be a lifestyle...


Thursday 8 January 2009

Swedish Meatballs

Since I got back from my vacation in New Zealand I have been trying to be good with my diet as I put on a bit of weight during the silly season. As they say "shit happens". 

The other day I decided that I would cook something I used to cook for my family in Sweden. Here is a slightly modified version of the very first meatballs I learnt to cook. My mother used to use a mix between pork and beef mince as this gives more "flavor" but as it also increase the fat content a lot I have used a heart tick approved beef mince to allow myself to use more olive oil to make the linguini really smooth.

Garlic Linguini w Swedish Meatballs - 4 Port
(Per Serving: 472Cal - 15g Fat, 42g Carbs, 40g Protein)

600 g                   Lean Beef Mince
500 g                   Linguini Cooked 
1 pc                 Medium Egg
2 tbsp            Skim milk
30 g               Bread Crumbs
4 tsp             Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4-6 tbsp           Finely Chopped Parsley
250 g            Cocktail Tomatoes
200 ml           Chopped Garlic Shoots
pc              Garlic Cloves

Mix the egg, breadcrumbs, milk and some salt and pepper in a big bowl. Put this to the side meanwhile you boil up a large pot of water together with 1-2 tsp of salt. Mix the beef mince together with the breadcrumb mixture and shape the meatballs. When the water is boiling, add the pasta. Fry the meatballs in 1 tsp of the olive oil. Once they are almost done, add 50ml of water and braise them until the water has evaporated. Keep the meatballs warm meanwhile you drain the pasta. Use the pasta pot and add the rest of the olive oil, parsley, pressed garlic, salt and pepper. Once this mixture has a golden color add the pasta and re-heat. As you serve the pasta and the meatballs give the garlic shoots and cocktail tomatoes a quick turn in the same pot to heat up as well take up some of the garlic flavor. 

Pasta got a bad reputation in media lately. In my opinion this is due to the distorted portion sizing we have and most people doesn't know how big a serving of pasta should be. Also choose as dense pasta as possible as this means a lower GI. Enjoy the pasta but if you have a "Lady & The Tramp" night, make sure to ease off on the garlic...

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Thursday 1 January 2009

Keep Active

There are so many things you can do being on vacation. I have always been an active person and even though I have decided to take some time off from training during my holiday I am not the person to lay on the couch watching movies. 

New Zealand have some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world and the native bush makes you feel like there is an adventure around every corner. Another benefit is the absence of venomous snakes, spiders or large predators.

The coromandel peninsula has several tourist attractions that is well worth seeing. Hot water beach where you can dig your own thermal spa pool in the sand year round is one of my favorites but this time around I decided to do a bit of a bush walking to reach some of the most beautiful secluded beaches. 

Cathedral cove is my favorite beach in the world. It is well worth the 40 min bush walk to get there.The following day I made another trip from Whitianga to Lonley bay which is a smaller and more secluded beach. Nothing beats a few hours on the beach the picnic in the sand dunes shaded by pohutakawa trees and flax.

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Happy New Year!

The year of 2008 has come to an end and I decided for the first time to get watch the fireworks from a prime spot rather than some rooftop on a night club too far away. With a good group of friends, great food and Champagne we where ready for the count down. I must say that I have never in my life been so close to a major firework. I have posted a shorter clip of the event where the whole Sydney harbour bridge are glowing of pyrotechnics. If you are not from Sydney, to understand the size of the explosions have a look under the bridge to the right. That white building in the background is the famous Opera house.

2009 has started. Happy New Year! Let's make the most of it.


Merry Christmas!

Just before Christmas I had a full day full shooting. I met up with Kiah,  aussieBums video editing guru to make a cheeky christmas promotion. I found it launched on youtube the other day. My first thought was that days like these, I love my job. How many people can get away with working with so many talented people and at the same time being able to have as much fun as I have. 

I have had the pleasure to work together with aussieBum over the last couple of years and I have to say I have never come across a more dynamic company. There is always something fun going on. It is not only a job.... it is a lifestyle. Check them out at