Saturday 30 May 2009

Fly fishing...

I count myself as a pretty competitive person. In most cases I think this is a good trait. The only bad thing is that when I loose or somehow get beaten I tend to sulk. But then again, I do have a couple of things I enjoy doing where I am happy even though I am not winning. I mentioned a few month ago that I have taken up surfing which is one of those activities. The problem is, I am in sweden where there basically are no surf and spring equals freezing cold water.

Flyfishing... that is another thing I really enjoy. To be out in the woods for hours even days. Sure, I love to catch a big fish but still this is one of those things I can spend the whole day doing and walk home empty handed and feel okay with it.

Yesterday I went to the local put and take lakes in Olofström. Camille joined me for a whole day of practizing casting and attempt to catch a trout or two. The day started grey, some rain and rather windy. Some sandwiches and coffee later the weather changed for what you se on the pitcure. An awesome day... so even though we walked home empty I felt satisfied. 

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