Wednesday 29 April 2009

American Football... Great fun!

As you know I love being active and playing sport has always been a big part of my life together with training and working in the gym. A few years ago, when I was home visiting my family in Sweden one of my little brothers, David asked for some help gaining some muscle. 

I was home for three months and in that period we succeeded to gain about 7 kg of muscle and he later joined a new started American Football Team, Karlshamn Oakleaves. Since then a few years has passed and David now weighs more than I. Sometimes I get the urge to pack on another 10 kg or so to feel big and strong but I guess there won't be much work for a 100 kg model. Things we do to our bodies, right?

David asked me if I was keen to give American Football a go. I could not resist. I have tried Australian Football and Rugby over the years but this was my first in the Grid Iron game.

I soon realized that I had a pretty good technique as I have been as active as I had been. I was training together with the running backs for about an hour before we got in to some full contact practize. I got told I was the "headhunter" which apparently meant that I would go for the ball... and of course the person who had the ball. Just my game:)

I had so much fun. I enjoyed that I once more was back in a team sport. I enjoyed the impact of the sport and even though I walked away with a fractured ribs and cut knees I think this is a sport I want to continue with... after my rib has healed that will say. I guess I learnt not to stand tall when someone tackles you. (At least I got the hit on photo)

Another benefit I can see with American Football is the obvious natural intervals. As you know I am a big fan of boxing for keeping lean. Maybe American Football is an option. I will look into it as soon as I get back to Sydney. If you know of any  clubs in the city... please let me know.



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