Tuesday 7 April 2009

The boat is in the water

The last weekend I went done to the coast to help my dad put our small fishing boat in the sea. After a tough morning, cleaning and polishing the boat we finally got it ready for our first fishing trip for 2009. 

During spring the highlight is the king salmon. It is rare to catch but if you are lucky there is the chance of catching salmon up to 30 kg in the southern of Sweden. I should add that I am still waiting on a catch like that.

The weather was beautiful so even though we did not catch any dinner I was happy to spend a couple on the sea. Hopefully I will have time to get back to the sea soon. 

I grew up fishing and this has been one of the things I missed in Sydney. I know that the fishing around Sydney is supposed to be good but I have never got around to sending down my fishing equipment. As I return to Australia I will make sure to fish even in Sydney.

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