Sunday 8 March 2009

Sweden here I come..

First I want to excuse my behavior of ceasing my blog entries without warning. I guess it has been several factors involved. First I succeeded to break my camera so I could not take any photos. For you to realize in what pace I live my life I broke a Olympus 795 SW which accordingly to to advertising can handle an active lifestyle. It is waterproof to 10m, shock proof and could handle a pressure of 100 kg. Of course this wasn't enough and it stopped working 2 months after the warranty went out. Trust me to succeed with that one.

Secondly I must admit I have been a bit lazy, I have had lots on my plate and therefor I should have a lot to write about but this is where I suspect laziness snuck up on me.

The third factor is that my plans have changed radically. I am leaving to Sweden in two weeks. It was 2 years ago I saw my family back in sweden and the right time came up as I just finished shooting 10 Years younger for Channel 7.

Sweden, Here I come.




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