Sunday 31 May 2009


As you know I have been around a bit in europe over the last couple of months. Last time I was in Hamburg I went to see my new agent Model Team, Hamburg and some of their clients.

Even though I grew up only a few hours away from Hamburg I have never been before and I must say that that was a mistake. I now put Hamburg as one of my new favorite cities. It could have something to do with I arrived with perfect timing of the arrival of summer but I honestly think that even during the coldest winter day or the rainiest autumn afternoon I would appreciate Hamburg for it's history, architecture and just plain great fun.

I also realized that there are two thing the germans do better than most. Bread and beer. Unfortunately bread and beer isn't a fitness junkies best friend so moderation is the key. I guess it is lucky that I am not staying in europe for too long:)

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