Wednesday 24 December 2008

Christmas Holiday

When I was young I always got told that I was impulsive. My mother used to laugh and ask why I always waited until the last minute. Still being at school this normally involved sitting up late the night before doing my homework or running to school instead of getting up a bit earlier and be able to walk there. 

The concern was when I grew up and I decided to go travel, work or study at university. I found myself in the same habits but somehow I have to say that I most of the time got everything done, sometimes with a very good result to every bodies surprise. I really enjoyed living my life from day to day.

I have been living in Sydney for the last 5 years and even though I have been away overseas a couple of times, either for work or pleasure I wanted to do a trip over Christmas. So writing this blog entry I am laying on the top of my bed in a guesthouse in Whitianga on the Coramandel peninsula,  New Zealand. 

I have lived in New Zealand for almost 3 years and I think Coramandel is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Soon after arriving I picked up my rental car, a brigh
t red Toyota Yaris. As I sat down behind the wheel I started to think. When I was driving left hand traffic last? Being a city boy in Sydney I do not drive and very rarely I need to borrow a car. I figured out that it was almost 2 years ago since I sat behind the wheel on the right side of the car.

After knocking my hand in the door a few times to change the gear I got more comfortable in the car. Just in time to hit the Auckland peak-hour traffic. I took my time driving towards Whitianga, stopping to take some photos and eat one or two ice-creams. I could feel the stress and tension leaving my body.... Holiday!

I like living a busy life... it justifies a great holiday now and then. 



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