Sunday 21 December 2008

Special FX Make up...

Working in front of the camera you get the chance to do a lot of different jobs and you get the chance to work with some amazing and talented people. About a year ago I got asked to participate in a project that involved special effect make up. Having seen a fair amount of Sci-Fi movies I had always wondered how they came up with all the creatures and story lines.

A few weeks later I met up with photographer Pedro Virgil and make-up artist David Willis. I got told that my role was to become a gargoyle. After a couple of meetings I ended up in David workshop where he started to make casts of my head, feet, hands and teeth. I recommend anyone who suffers from claustrophobia to stay away from this procedure.

I was amazed when I came back a couple of weeks later to see what David had created. We had our first fitting and polished on some of the features. One more fitting and we where ready to get serious.

At 3am we started what ended up being a 12 hour transformation. After all prosthetics where in place I got airbrushed from head to toe. As you can see David is a man with incredible talents. As the sun went down we headed to the location, an old cemetery where Pedro had set up lighting and smoke machines. Over the next few hours David and his team worked on the make up and Pedro made sure to capture every step of the way. 

Even though it was in the middle of the winter and both me and Candace who played a gothic girl where freezing we succeeded to make it happen and after almost 23 hours of hard work we could relax. The shoot was a success. I will have a sample of the finished product in a couple of weeks. Until then... have a look at some of the back stage material.

I feel privileged to work with so talented people. Have a look at David and Pedro websites. There is a lot more amazing projects there.

David Willis :      Pedro Virgil :



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