Saturday 6 December 2008

aussieBum Christmas party

Being swedish, a white christmas has always been the pinnacle of christmas celebrations. I don't know if it is the lack of snow or just the great christmas I have had in recent years that have changed my believes over time.

This weekend it was time for aussieBum's christmas party. After hours in the gym, calorie calculations and a fair bit of sweat I decided that it was time to enjoy. Trust aussieBum to throw a great party! 

Seafood has always been my favorite but not really "christmas food" in my books. After half a crayfish, oysters, prawns and of course a fair amount of champagne I decided that seafood now is my new favorite christmas food. I am planning to give you a new receipt for some seafood to enjoy even on a calorie controlled diet. Unfortunately there isn't any good healthy options to champagne so you might want to "save" some calories for that one.

I have realized how lucky I am to work together with aussieBum and all the people involved. It has become more of a lifestyle than a job. I always have fun together with the aussiebum crew no matter if I am working or having time off. This christmas party wasn't any different. 

By the time I am writing this, it is monday and I have had time to recover from the festive weekend. I am back on track, healthy eating, a sprint session before work and a great gym session in the afternoon. Time to jump to bed... tomorrow is another day.



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