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Friday 21 November 2008

The choice is yours...

You always have a choice.  How easy is it to make the right once? 

The other morning I had an early start. At 5 am my alarm clock went off and I made myself ready to get my cardio done. After breakfast and a shower I headed of to work in a rush. I stopped at a cafe to get a coffee and a snack for later on. Normally I would have planned my day better and already have pre maid meal in my bag but this morning was one of those mornings when the bed seemed so much more tempting than normal and I ran out of time.

Facing the limited choices of food at this particular cafe made me realize how hard it is to do the right choices. I had pies, sausage rolls, pastry or a shiny pink glazed doughnut in front of me, neither that caught my attention. Each one of these most likely contains half my daily

 intake of fat and way more calories than I really should have for morning tea. For a “healthier” options there where banana bread and low fat muffins which still contains 300-400 refined calories.

Sure, there is good choices out there, but how hard are they to find? My choice for this morning was to wait with morning tea until later on when I could get my hands on some almonds and a piece of fruit. 

Education is the base in making a lifestyle change and to find out where you are going wrong I recommend all my clients to have a look at and search their favorite foods to learn what choices to make. Then at least we know what foods to eat. Next step will be to locate the better options.

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