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Wednesday 12 November 2008

You get out what you put in

As a kid I was always told that you get out whatever you put in to something.

The times you are really excited about doing something you tend to do a really good job. Now what i really wanted to focus on is the days when everything goes wrong, when you oversleep, spill your morning coffee and you have no energy to even bother.

Why is that?

Why do people say that bad things comes in threes?

When I first arrived to Australia I was so happy to be here. I had no place to stay, not really any money to talk about and no job. I did have a positive outlook on life and was dedicated to make it work.

I got a job the second day in the country, selling telephones door-to-door. I got explained to me that it was 100% commission which really excited me.

The thought of I could earn as much as I wanted was the only thought in my head. I did end up doing pretty well in that job but the most important experience I got out of it was that the days I let negative thoughts getting in the way for my goals where the days I did not earn any money.

Keeping positive even once you overslept, split your coffee and feel low is hard but the effort you put in equals the reward you get back.



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