Thursday 27 November 2008

In rain, hail or storm...

There is a time for everything they say. Today I had a pool party at 6.30am! After a year of laughter, Merrick & Rosso  & Kate had their final show for the year with Nova 96.9. I had the pleasure to come along, promote aussieBum and have champange mixed with orange juice for breakfast. In my ears that sound like the start of a great day.... except the juice of course. Adulterated Champange is almost illegal in my oppinion. Why change a winning concept?

Short after arrival I got the first cheeky comments thrown to me over the radio. I never met Kate before but Merrick and Rosso hosted the aussieBum Filmink Awards last year and our encounter was broadcasted on national TV. Check the media image gallery for some snaps from the event at the sydney state theatre. 

I figured that Kate is the more polite of the trio as I was prepared for the attack that never really came. With Merrick and Rosso, there is never a question if there will be an attack, you know it will.... you just don't know when or how hard it is going to hit. I guess that is what makes these events highlights you remember. What would the world be without a bit of humor?

It started to rain and I decided that I might as well jump in the pool? We had some more drinks, played a few games and finished off with a classical whirlpool. It was time to finish up. The time was 9.30am and I headed home for a quiet friday afternoon. Hit the gym, cook a nice meal and relax.  Damn, life is good these days... 

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