Friday 21 November 2008

Sunday roast

Sunday, a day that for the last couple of years been my “day off”. The day when I spend most of my day doing very little. Breakfast in bed, coffee with friends and dining out. 

This weekend I decided to do something I haven’t done for a long time. A traditional sunday roast. Four spatchcocks in the oven, pumpkin and asparagus in the steamer and of a good bottle of red wine. I was ready to relax. I had forgotten how much I actually enjoyed cooking. The smell of roast dinner spread through the apartment building. I felt good making the effort of cooking up a nice, nutritious dinner.

I wasn’t trying to make this dinner “healthy” as there was full cream in the gravy and a good amount parmesan in the stuffing but I think that real home cooked dinners are underestimated both from a culinary and nutritional point of view.

If more people learnt to cook basic foods from scratch rather than using all those processed foods that most of us eat today, if people sat down to eat rather than throwing down a pre made lunch in the matter of minutes I am sure that we would have a healthier and less over weight Australia. Sound nutrition is not about cutting out any foods but to understand and balance the foods you eat. Everything in moderation is what nutrition is all about. Sure I wouldn’t eat creamy sauces and drink wine everyday but now and then they still have a part in my diet.

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