Tuesday 2 December 2008

Boost your workouts.

Sometimes you keep looking for new things when all you need to do is to polish up your old habits. Todays blog entry is hopefully something that I will come back to now and then to give myself and you some inspiration to continue living a healthy lifestyle. To have more fun and to get fit(ter).

My first job in the fitness industry was a cycle instructor job in the local fitness centre. Being a teenager I actually didn't even know that the job was paid. I just liked the fact that I could teach and there was a whole bunch of pretty girls participating in the class.

A few months later I started to teach an girls boxing class for my boxing club. Once again, I did what I loved doing the most. Over the last 13 years I have taught both cycling and boxing on and off. Sometimes I think that it is the best activities in the world just to get bored and pick up something else. Somehow, I still keep coming back for more. Variation is the key.

For the moment I do boxing a couple times a week. Normally one day of technique/cardio and then another day sparring. Boxing a a great high intense sport that will get you fit real quick. You don't have to get into the fighting. You can enjoy a class with non contact boxing if that suits you better. Either way, I can promise that you will find muscles you didn't think you had and you will finish your workout drenched in sweat.... Awesome!

Today I decide to boost my workout with and visit a new gym. As I have clients in Manly I decided to visit Fightgym in Manly. This gym is one of the old-school boxing gyms. It got the the equipment that is needed but without the polished edges. That is the way I like it. If I wanted to train a boxing fitness class I could go to any of the commercial gyms and punch bags and pads. In my opinion you are better of finding yourself a true boxing gym. Here you normally get better technique with competitive boxers/trainers to teach you proper footwork. Boxing is more technique than strength. And of course a whole lot of fitness.

Todays session was a mix of technique, footwork and some light-contact sparring. 60 minutes later I was soaking in sweat. Time passed so quick when you are focused on a task. I rather do 2 hours of boxing that 1 hour on the cross trainer in the gym. At the same time I burn more calories and learn a skill at the same time.

If you are lucky to live in Manly, go and visit the fightgym website and maybe join a class or two. You will find them on ww.fightgym.com.au.  If you happen to live somewhere else, google your area and I am sure there is a local gym somewhere that will be able to push you through the paces. 

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