Sunday 14 December 2008

Saint Lucia

For most people in Australia the 13th of december is just another summer day. In sweden it is tradition to celebrate Saint Lucia, an italian saint who lived in Sicily  during the 4th century. She dedicated her life to helping others. Lucia died a martyr's death when she refused to marry a man which she did not love.

Infuriated he promised to burn her on a fire. She prayed to god to make her strong enough to withstand the fire. Her strong beliefs and kind heart protected her from the naked flames. As the man realized that she was unharmed he took a sword and cut her throat.

The swedish tradition is to celebrate her kindness. To bring prosperity to christmas. Young women dress up all in white, with candles in their hair symbolizing the fire and a wide red satin band around their waists for the blood spilt.

During St Lucia's day, you eat saffron buns, ginger breads and drinking a type of hot spiced red wine. You meet up for a feast to remember Saint Lucia's generosity.  Today it is more of a chance to catch up with friends and family, relax and have some good food and wine. To enjoy...

This weekend started just like any other swedish day of Lucia. I caught up with one of my best friends, Sascha. We made our spiced red wine and baked some awesome saffron buns. Later that evening we caught up with a third swede, Peter and went for a pajama party and a good night in town. Yet another great day with good friends.

No matter who you are, religious or not the festive season is a time to meet up with friends and family. To let loose, relax and enjoy. So next year, make sure to mark the 13th of december.... Celebrate Saint Lucia's day...



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