Saturday 25 July 2009

Saturday night fun??

I have always wanted to have my own place. To be able to buy a nice house which you can renovate and repaint. If I would have stayed in Jämshög, the little village where I grew up it wouldn't have been too hard. Living in Sydney makes things a bit more complicated, so I decided that if I couldn't have a house of my own, at least my little dog should get the opportunity.

So I started to look for blue-prints on how to make the coolest dog kennel in Darlinghurst. I don't really see myself as an DIY-genius but I do think growing up on the country side you do learn a thing or two. Unfortunately as my family can assure you I never satisfy with average. It started in primary school when the kids at school made birdhouses. A week later I finished my 4 level birdhouse, a bird apartment block. During one summer I had four birds sharing the birdhouse. I considered myself be a head of time. I thought the same as I wanted to build a toy racing boat powered by a chain-saw engine.... my family stopped that one!

So here I was, thinking of what kind of dog kennel I could make. After a lots of thoughts (the solar powered built in fan and many more) I decided to go for a simple approach. I headed to Mitre 10 on oxford street to purchase the wood required. To my disappointment I found that they did not stock any wood in this particular store. I had a chat to the staff in the shop. A man in the shop said he also had a Staffie and had a dog kennel sitting at home that wasn't used. He offered it to me for free. (How often do you find that nice people in Sydney?? (Way the go Mitre 10) I bought some paint, paintbrushes and a few bits and pieces... no solar panels though.

Once I got home I found out that it was not only the very "sharp" colorings and the name "ANGEL" above the entrance that needed a lipstick'n'rouge. Some of the wood was rotten and needed to be changed. The base of the kennel was rotten throughout so I had to make a new one. Of course bigger and better :) Just wait... I got an great idea in storage for preventing this to happen again. And no, it has nothing to do with the bright red color.

I spent most of my saturday playing DIY-handy-man. As I am writing this the pain on the base is drying and all wood that needed to be changed is changed. Tomorrow I will continue my quest tomorrow after gridiron training... I will keep you updated on the progress.

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