Monday 20 July 2009

Amstaff Puppies

As I mentioned before Camille and I have been on a waiting list for an American Staffordshire terrier puppy. A few months ago we browsed the web trying to find a breeder we liked. We send out several requests but found one breeder that stood out from the rest, zforce. Theirbitch Diva was exactly the kind of dog we where after. Have a look at their page and you realize why we liked them so much.

Soon after we requested some more information from the breeder we received the great news that Diva was pregnant. She had been mated with Axl, another fantastic looking amstaff.

We where third in line so we where hoping for a big litter. In the start of july Diva got three males and four females. We do not know which of the three that will come home with us but all of them are fantastic. The photos below are from the first week. I can't wait until we'll be driving down towards Melbourne to meet Diva and the puppies for the first time in the end of this month. Then we have to wait until our little guy are 10 weeks old before he can come home with us.

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Anonymous Drew said...

Lucy will be excited to meet the new addition!

They are so cute :)


23 July 2009 at 3:14 pm  

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