Friday 21 August 2009

Full on!!!

As you know I come back from an overseas trip a couple of months ago. I decided to dig my head in and work as hard as I could to get back on track with my personal training, my own training and of course life in general.

The last couple of weeks has been great but hectic. In the last few blog entries I have talked about Loki, our american staffie which soon is old enough to come home with us. This photo was taken by the breeder, zforce. He is now 7 weeks old and old 7 days away from coming to Sydney. Camille and I are collecting as much energy as we can as we are sure he will be more than a hand full:)

It is interesting how once you immerse yourself in a certain field the snowball effect kicks in. I got a call from Chadwicks Models the other week. I got asked if I was keen to shoot a charity calender for RSPCA together with Peter Alexander. Of course I wanted to!!! Working with a great designer towards a good course is something I would do any day. I don't have any photos yet but keep your eyes open in the Peter Alexander shops during October as the calenders will be sold there. I will give you an update as soon as they hit the store.

I have also had the pleasure to do some showings for Sportcraft, a shoot for reebok so work has been good. My latest job was a small featured extra roll in a Dominos tv-commercial. Hmmm almost forgot how tasty pizza can be. But you know what I think... you can eat everything, it is just a question about how much and how often.

As you can see my days has been pretty full on and on top of this I have succeeded to make the american football team which I went to trails for. I got the taste for the sport when David, my younger brother who you can see in this photo (with the helmet in his hand) introduced me to Carlshamn Oak leaves during my last stay in Sweden.

I now play tight-end for Sydney University Lions. I love being back playing sport and the challenge that comes with it. Our first "warm up" game is this weekend then we charge up to hit the season in a couple of weeks... Exciting! If you didn't know that you could play gridiron in Sydney, have a look at the 2008 highlights here.

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