Wednesday 30 March 2011

Fun weekend with added practical bonus

This weekend was great. I felt I wanted to get out of the city a bit so I spent a couple of days by the coast spear fishing. Meanwhile I thought about my training and what has been missing. For a while I have felt a bit unmotivated and "chubby feeling" without actually being able to figure out what had changed.

What struck my mind was that I had become a bit more comfortable in my life. Saying that, I do still think I am a fit and healthy man but to a degree I had let myself become a bit lazy.

Over the last couple of months I have eaten out more often, used processed foods such as bread, pre-made sauces and low fat dairy product a bit too much. When I really think about it there is no reason why I shouldn't just sharpen up and start cooking more wholesome foods again.

I decided that I should do a six week block where I should focus more about the quality of the food I am eating. More fruit and vegetable, less eating out and less processed foods. I got a DEXA scan done at Measure Up in Sydney and will do a re-test in six weeks. I will post the progress where for you who are interested to see what a change of food quality means for your body.

Lucky I got a great start of the week as I got some great fresh fish spearing. It does not come much cleaner and fresher than this.

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