Sunday 13 March 2011

First two sharks ticked off the list:)

Today was a great day and I decided to head to Long bay for a spear fishing session. Had such a great day and came home with one leather jacket and one Luderick. Seem like I get some fresh fish this week after all.

I have never caught or cooked either fish before so I guess so it is trail and error. Either way, they are both in the fridge filleted and ready to pan fry.

The highlight of the day was still out encounter with two wobbegong sharks. I would lie if I didn't flinch once I saw the 170 cm silhouette swimming next to me as I poked my head into a cave to see if there was any fish in there. Later on we saw another one laying around on the rocks. Pretty cool creatures though... once I realized it was a wobbegong and not something more fierce.

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