Sunday 3 January 2010


As you might have noticed I have taken a fair break from my blog. So much have happened in the last few months and I must say that I am eager to find out what 2010 got to offer. I just came back from a longer christmas holiday in New Zealand. After working hard over the last year I felt like I deserved a break... and what a break I had :)

I took 10 days off during christmas and spent my time laying on the beach, surfing and eating some great food. In the photos below me and Camille were collecting mussels and oysters for that nights dinner. No food taste better than the one that you gather/fish or hunt yourself. Especially if the dinner consist of New Zealand green lip mussels and fresh oysters:)

Happy New Year... 2010 is going to be great.



Blogger Lee Gale said...

Welcome back online !

3 January 2010 at 6:42 pm  
Anonymous The Family in the upper sphere said...

As Lee: Nice to have you back online! and HAPPY NEW YEAR to both of you.

Tried to reach you by cellphone a couple of times but failed. Glad you're OK.

Camille: Didn't you caught any öring? But anyway, your catch is greater than Andreas, AGAIN!

Now I´m going to eat Marinara with shrimps and mussels and drink one or two Mariestads beer (I'm allowed today because of my birthday). I don't need it, but sometimes, or always, I don't care!

4 January 2010 at 11:16 am  

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