Friday, 29 April 2011

Spicy cuttlefish with rice and green peas

I got over my feeling of having too much cuttlefish pretty quickly. As I still had some in the freezer I decided to put up another recipe for you to try. Of course, you do not need to grab a speargun and become a hunter and gatherer over night. Head to the seafood store and grab some squid, octopus or cuttlefish. A tip is to either buy it frozen or freeze it for a couple of days as this helps break up the flesh which sometimes can be a bit tough.

Spicy cuttlefish with rice and green peas (2 Serv)
(Each serve : 540 calories, 16 g fat, 43 g protein, 55 g carbs)

70 g Dry rice
300 g Green peas

400 g Cuttlefish
1-2 Fresh red chili
3-4 Spring onions
2 Tbsp Olive oil (for frying)

2 Tbsp Corn flour
1 Tsp Powdered chili
1 Tsp Salt
0.5 Tsp Chinese five spice
0.5 Tsp White Pepper
0.5 Tsp Powdered ginger

Rinse the rice until the water runs clear. Cook accordingly the package with lightly salted water. Once the rice is almost done, add the peas. (frozen works fine). Mix the rice and the peas and it is ready to dish up.

Start cleaning the fish carefully, make sure to trim off all the membranes that normally covers the cuttlefish. Lightly score the flesh to make it more tender before towel dry and cut to bite size pieces. Put the fish to the side meanwhile you prepare the spice mix.

In a big bowl mix all the dry ingredients. Make sure all the spices and thoroughly mixed before adding the cuttlefish. Toss the fish until coated evenly. Before placing the fish in the pan with hot oil, shake off the excess spice mix. An even and light coating makes the best cuttlefish.

Heat the oil until very hot and quickly fry the fresh chili and spring onion until brown. Add the cuttlefish and fry for another few minutes until the cuttlefish is golden. Serve with the rice and peas. Simple, healthy and delicious.

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